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I started growing dahlias in 2017 and since then i have developed a passion for these diverse wonders of nature.  When I first started I did not enjoy my day job and thought I would become a cut flower farmer.  Then I found a job I enjoy and my focus switched to growing great dahlias dahlias, sharing the blooms and participating in our local American Dahlia Society shows.  And since 2020 my passion has become hybridizing dahlias from seed.  And for that reason the focus of this site will be towards hybridization of dahlias. 

Do I sell tubers or flowers?

With working a full time job and being busy in the garden, I do not have time to sell my dahlias or tubers.  That being said, if you have exciting tubers to trade, please feel free to reach out to me.

When my hybridized dahlias are ready for introduction, I will come up with a plan to get them in the hands of those who will enjoy and share them.

Current Hybridization Goal:

My first focused effort is going to be with laciniated dahlias.  I have a bed of them in an isolated area on my property which will enable the bees to spread their pollen amongst the other laciniated varieties.